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School Decisions

Individual or School-Wide

Elementary, High-School, Post-Secondary, Professional

Individual assessment for students that examines cognitive, academic and social-emotional development. More and more parents are opting for this service whether to explore possible learning differences, update for post-secondary or provide a road-map of strengths and needs that can lead to more efficient study habits. Further, with over 25 years experience working in schools as psychologists, teachers and administrators you also have seasoned advocates who know how to get recommendations and strategies implemented following an evaluation.
School-Wide assessments that examine a variety of student perspectives that could include: Reading, math, writing,
social-emotional well-being or school culture.
Available for both elementary and high-schools.
Living where we do we are fortunate to have a variety of schooling options. However this variety can also feel overwhelming at times. Whether you are considering elementary, high-school, post-secondary, public or independent choices we can help you to find the appropriate path. We have extensive expereince in all environments and look forward to chatting further.
This expertise extends beyond Ontario to include possibilities across Canada, the USA, UK and Europe. Assistance with SATs, personal statements, CV preparation and interview consultation
is available to students thinking about college, university, professional or independent school.
We also work with potential collegiate athletes when considering NCAA versus CIAU options for all sports. 

Institutional Consultation


Independent Schools, Boards of Education, Government

Students, Parents, Teachers, Administrators

We have extensive experience in working with schools on programme review to ensure practices are up-to-date and reflect current research. Whole school or department examination are possible options. This can be particulary helpful when preparing for governing body accreditation reviews. Curricular, emotional wellness, special-education, development, faculty evaluation, security assessment and strategic planning are specific areas of review expertise.
Professional learning opportunities are available for students, teachers, parents and school administrators. Sessions are available in tailored lengths and suitable as keynotes, workshops or multi-day learning experience. Various topics are on offer some of which have been summarized briefly below. However this represents only a fraction of the approximately 30 topics available. Subject matter and delivery options can also be customed designed so please contact to discuss further.
Speaking and Learning Opportunities
Students, Parents, Teachers & School Administrators
One part of our mandate at MJL Consulting is the offering of learning opportunities to students, parents, teachers and school administrators. Whether individualized learning for one to a keynote address for a thousand people please contact
Dr. Leatch to chat further about your potential learning needs.
Listed below are a sampling of the 30+ available topics. All can be tailored to your audience size and time allotment.
Gender issues
in education
Neuroscience, study habits and sustained learning
Mental health issues
in the classroom
In the last 10-15 years our understanding of what learning actually is from a neuronal perspective has blossomed into a new field of study. In this learning opportunity we will explore how this new knowledge can be applied to education and the development of optimal study habits that result in deep and persistent learning. A recommended study routine will be offered that takes advantage of this new knowledge on how we learn. Suitable for students in all divisions, teachers, school administrators & parents.
There is a great deal of information and misinformation on how boys and girls learn differently. In this seminar we explore what the research actually says and how this information should best inform teaching practices, school policy and implications for parenting. Suitable for teachers, admission professionals, school administrators and parents with content tailored for the audience. Available as a keynote, workshop or multi-day professional learning opportunitiy.
Anxiety, ADHD and depression are some of the most common mental health issues facing students in the classroom today.  For effective classroom instruction educators need to not only know their content area but be skilled in the social-emotional needs of their students. In this session participants
will gain an increased  understanding of the most common mental health issues facing youth today. Classroom strategies and ideas for effective instructional practices will also be explored. Suitable for classroom teachers, admission professionals & school administrators.
Executive Function skills in the classroom
Adolescence: A users handbook!
Transitioning to
post-secondary school
Adolescence is a time of change that everyone experiences individually. For some the time is extremely challenging  while others experience less turmoil. However, for all vast changes are taking place in the brain during this time that are necessary for future development and independence. In this session adolescence will be explored from both the neuronal and behavioural perspective. These changes can set the stage for future succes and represent opportunity for purposeful programming. The 
establishment of proactive habits that can lead to social and educational success down the road represents opportunities in adolescence and will be explored in this session. Suitable for students, teachers, school administrators & parents
E.F. skills are some of the most important skills that students can learn and develop. Research informs that E.F competence correlates with GPA and post-secondary degree completion much more than do results on standardized exams (SATs) or measures of cognitive ability.
In this learning opportunity E.F will be fully explored including how teachers can seamlessly weave the most critical aspects of E.F into their everyday lessons.
Content tailored for audience and suitable for teachers,  middle and high school students, school adminstrators & parents as a keynote or workshop.
In the past 20 years more and more students are entering post-secondary education. However, graduation rates reflected in degree completion statistics shows these rates have increased little. In this session participants will come to understand the differences between high-school and post-secondary and how success in college/university requires a very different skill-set. Educators will increase their abilitiy to optimally prepare high-school  students fo this transition  while student or parent 
audiences will receive strategies that can promote success from each perspective. Suitable for high-school students, teachers, administrators & parents
For Teachers, Admission Professionals & School Administrators
The Psychoeducational Assessment
Our most popular seminar for school professionals. Whether to outline challenges, gifted identification or provide a learning profile of strengths and needs, more and more parents are opting to provide this learning road-map for their child. In this workshop educational professionals will increase their skills in working with this document. Case study analysis serves as the method of study and professionals will come away with a greatly enhanced skill-set they can use in their school immediately. This workshop provides practical skills that will be valuable for classroom teachers, special education staff, admission professionals and school administrators that can help to inform immediate practice. Best offered in a workshop setting of at least 90 minutes to half-day. Please call to discuss tailoring to your particular needs.